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On January 1st, 2007, The Filth of Creation was conceived and created by TheEdge. The concept of the guild was simple; to create a guild based on the notion that guild members should help each other in a friendly atmosphere that was welcoming to all players. Originally a small guild, consisting primarily of family members, the guild has grown by leaps and bounds, yet the original concepts are still honored even three years later.

Shortly after its conception, leadership of the guild was turned over to the current guild leader, Mosag. Still very much a family oriented guild, Mosag has been the 'guild mother' of hundreds of members. At one time, the guild had over one thousand characters.

In early 2008, in an attempt to provide a better experience for the members and to make sure that no one slipped through the cracks, the guild was split into two, with all members below level 40 joining the guild FOC In Training. These FOCITs, as they were affectionately known, continued to level until they reached level 40, and then rejoined FOC. A few months later, FOC In Training was disbanded, but FOC remained level 40 and above.

In late 2008, FOC once more opened its doors to all levels. Many of the original members returned to FOC, comfortable with the guild's welcoming and easy going nature. As of late 2010, there are 450 members, ranging in level from 1 to 85, with a full 34.7% of the guild being level 80 or above.

FOC is still open to all comers. The purpose of The Filth of Creation is to provide an enjoyable place to play World of Warcraft. If you are looking for a guild where you can quest and level at your own pace, either interact with other guild members or run solo, run instances, raid, or PVP when you want to and do all of these things in a polite and friendly atmosphere then you might be a FOCcer. If you want to do serious raiding with regimented schedules, character and spec requirements, and advancements based on performance, FOC is definitely NOT for you.  Those who are interested in joining a guild that prides itself on being easy going and family oriented, who enjoy interacting in an environment free of crudity, foul language, or rudeness, should continue on to the forums and see what we're all about, as well as submit an application to join the family.

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